i2P 23km Trail Run – Lac Philippe

I first heard about i2p on a running Facebook group and thought it would be a great run. It wasn’t an expensive run, it wasn’t timed but we would get a dog tag medal for finishing and the proceeds go toward the i2p education based learning programs. You can learn more about i2p here: http://www.impossible2possible.com/about/

I signed up for the 23km distance, which was the least technical of the trails. There was also a 10km, 12.5km, 36km, 50km and 100km option, all ranging in difficulty level, or a combination of difficulties.

The run started at Breton Beach on Lac Philippe in Gatineau Park at 8am. When you sign-in they give you a map to follow. My first thought “I’m getting lost. If I need a map, I’m going to be lost and never found again.” Thankfully, the trail we had to use was well marked and I didn’t get lost, which was a success in itself!

We set off and run along double track trails along a campsite and what looks like ATV trails. There were some pretty tough hills that were fairly steep that required some power hiking, but otherwise, it wasn’t technical. It brought us 11.5km to Ramsay Lake and back to Breton Beach. Overall, it was a really nice run and I didn’t roll an ankle, fall or get lost. Once I signed out, me and the boys jumped into Lac Philippe, to cool off. And it was C O L D!

After drying off and getting changed we drove down to Wakefield and ate lunch at Kaffé 1870, had a pint and relaxed before heading back home.

It was a great run for a great cause and I would absolutely do it again. I think next year I’ll tackle the 12.5km course, which is described as a very technical trail.

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