Mountain Fest 2017

Every summer Velo MSM gathers vendors, opens the ski lifts and puts on a weekend of fun and racing for mountain bikers at Mont Ste-Marie. They have mountain bike demos, an enduro race, kids race, vendors, a tiki bar, dj, etc. Last year they added a Salomon trail running clinic. 

This was my second year at the trail clinic and it was by far the most informative and fun. Salomon brought in an Ottawa based Salomon and Suunto athlete and ultra runner, Laura Perry. She may be small in stature but she’s a beast on the trails. Her list of accomplishments is incredible. 

She took us through a 5k loop and taught us techniques and proper form for running uphill, downhill and through technical sections. “Light and fast” was a mantra we repeated in our heads as we ran over sections of rocks, roots, uphill, downhill and everything in between. Before we knew it, 12:30 rolled around and we spent 2 hours on the trails with Laura. We finished up our clinic with a good chat about the importance of proper hydration. “Salt your sausages” is a term ultra runners use to remember to hydrate. If they look down at their fingers and they’re swollen and sausage-like, it’s time for some salt and electrolytes to make sure their systems are working properly. 

After the run we headed back to the Salomon tent, thanked Laura and got some swag, a Salomon water bottle and buff. 

After hanging out at the tent for a bit, my husband’s buddy (who is also a runner and provided the inspiration for the website name) and I decided to head out for another loop before lunch. Off we went. In true Tim and Amanda fashion, we got lost on the most marked trail we’ve ever run. We call it the Bermuda Triangle. Every time we hit the trails, we find the Bermuda Triangle and seem to run in loops, unintentionally.  After 6k we were done for the day. We met Dan, my husband, and his buddy Andrew for some lunch and a cold Beau’s beer at the tiki bar. 

It was an awesome day, had great instruction from a pro, weather was perfect and we were headed back to the cottage for a dip in the lake to start our holidays. 

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